Alohomora - A Harry Potter TCG

Type of Cards

All regular and puzzle decks at Alohomora have 20 cards in each and are all worth 1. They are divided in 6 categories: Movie, Characters, Scenes, Relationships, Puzzles and Extras. Every member has his own membercard. Every membercard has worth 0 and can collected with one trade with the member. You can collect every membercard once. At least the special decks. They are worth 2 and really rare.
Regular Card (Worth 1) Puzzle Card (Worth 1) Membercard (Worth 0) Special Card (Worth 2)


Member of the Week

Open: 17 March 2016
Status: Open
Members: 43 (+ 2)
Active Decks: 111
Upcoming Decks: 23
Total Cards: 2600