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New Members: Crissy, Shalini, Myubi, Lyn
Level Up: Alecks (3), angelrose (5), beatrix (2), Christine (2, 3), Elin (6), Jennifer (6), Joy (2,3), Michelle (2), Minty (4), Nina (4), Rheanna (4)
Masteries: Adelicya (cos-draco, danielradcliffe, hbp-luna, emmawatson, poa-hermione), Allison (ps-hermione, ps-harry, ps-draco, ps-arrivingathogwarts, gobletoffire, member, ps-snake), angelrose (davidtennant, philosophersstone, gof-yuleball), Jennifer (nataliatena, dh-bookcover, poa-bookcover, cos-bookcover), LaMoonstar (ps-snape, ps-hermione), Michelle (pw-owl), Nina (gof-harryhermione, bonniewright, cos-cornishpixies, ootp-tonks, dh-princestale1), Rheanna (gof-ginny, philosophersstone)
Member of the Week Jenny - Congratulations

Dumbledore's Wishes (2 cards per deck across all wishes)
I wish for everyone to take twice as many cards from the new decks. (Jennifer)
I wish for everyone to take cards of their favourite Actor & Actress (not characters). (Marina)
2 choice poster cards (Adelicya)

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 6. Only two cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)

Make sure you take 2 cards from mf-male (worth 2). The card you submitted and a choice card.
I want to ask for an Halloween update/event. Are you prefer that? I would release Halloween decks, special Halloween games and a Halloween header.
It would start in October [I'm in London on 02 November] so it would online until middle of November.
(Take a choice card for answer).

If you dont want to donate images but you want a deck pls write your idea in the comments or per private message so we can make the decks for you [Thanks to Rheanna my new deckmaker <3].
I hope I can update next sunday or in two weeks - but life happens.

Have a great sunday :)
Story wrote on 30 August 2016
New Decks: ps-boats12, dh-returntohogwarts03, mf-male18, gof-hermionesentrance06, dh1-hermione16
wishes [new decks] ps-boats01, dh-returntohogwarts12, mf-male08, gof-hermionesentrance07, dh1-hermione05
wishes [actor&actresses] tomfelton02, davidtennant07
wishes [posters] cos-poster202, cos-poster306
Pam wrote on 29 August 2016
new sets took ps-boats09, cos-poster301,dh-returntohogwarts05,gof-hermionesentrance02, mf-male01, dh1-hermione01

wish(jennifer) took ps-boats16, cos-poster320,dh-returntohogwarts13, gof-hermionesentrance17, mf-male16, dh1-hermione20

wish(marina) took davidtennant07, ralphfiennes19

wish(adelcya) took hbp-poster309, poa-poster203

I like events - don't mind what your do - some halloween games would be nice but decks are just as good took ps-harry07
Angelrose wrote on 28 August 2016
Jennifer wish: cos-poster303, cos-poster304, dh1-hermione02, mf-male03, ps-boats03, ps-boats04
Marina Wish: evannalynch08, evannalynch12
Adelicya Wish: cos-poster101, cosposter202
Halloween answer: ps-bookcover12
mf-male: mf-male01, mf-male06
New decks: cos-poster301, cos-poster302, dh1-hermione01, mf-male02, ps-boats01, ps-boats02

halloween answer, yes please can we have halloween theme games and decks :P
Allison wrote on 28 August 2016
I love TCG events! And would love to donate decks, hard to think of some more themed decks, but maybe creature decks for any remaining movies without the deck made/upcoming. Maybe some more death eater decks? Ghost decks?

New decks: gof-hermionesentrance06, gof-hermionesentrance07, cos-poster303, cos-poster304, dh-returntohogwarts06, dh-returntohogwarts07, dh1-hermione07, dh1-hermione08, ps-boats05, ps-boats09, mf-male12, mf-male08
Actor/Actress: tomfelton07, emmawatson09
Poster: cos-poster106, cos-poster107

Christine wrote on 28 August 2016
I love events, especially if there are themed games matching the event! Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday but I love TCG Halloween events. Taking ps-letters19.

Wish (Marina): emmawatson02, davidtennant14
Wish (Adelicya): gof-poster101, gof-poster102

New Decks/Wish (Jennifer): dh-returntohogwarts01, dh-returntohogwarts02, gof-hermionesentrance03, gof-hermionesentrance04, dh1-hermione05, dh1-hermione06, ps-boats07, ps-boats08, cos-poster309, cos-poster310, mf-male07

Thanks! =)
Lyn wrote on 28 August 2016
I took alanrickman12, emmawatson03, ps-boats16, ps-boats01, cos-poster310, cos-poster311, dh-returntohogwarts09, dh-returntohogwarts17, gof-hermionesentrance18, gof-hermionesentrance05, mf-male09, dh1-hermione02, dh1-hermione13, ps-owl18, cos-poster103.

I would love Halloween games and decks. It is my favorite holiday. As far as decks I would like to see, I would love a deck of the illustrations from the illustrated Philosopher's Stone. poa-remuslupin14

Rheanna wrote on 28 August 2016
I'm not really sure what type of events I would be more interested in, but I would jump on the chance to collect halloween decks.

I would REALLY like to see more special cards come out - maybe a couple new special decks?

New Decks: ps-boats06, ps-boats17, cos-poster309, cos-poster316, dh-returntohogwarts10, dh-returntohogwarts05, gof-hermionesentrance01, gof-hermionesentrance11, mf-male05, mf-male10, dh1-hermione01, dh1-hermione02

Update (Actor/Actress): alanrickman04
Update (Choice Poster): cos-poster216, cos-poster217

Answering Update Question: poa-trelawney16
Nina wrote on 28 August 2016
tomfelton07, nataliatena14
cos-poster202, cos-poster203

dh-returntohogwarts01, dh-returntohogwarts02, gof-hermionesentrance03, gof-hermionesentrance04, dh1-hermione05, dh1-hermione06, ps-boats07, ps-boats08, dh-returntohogwarts09, dh-returntohogwarts10, mf-male14

I alway love events especially Halloween events. (Taking tomfelton08)



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